January 25, 2013 Videos and Humor

Welcome to My Malabar, This site is meant to be a gathering place of information for the residents of Malabar Florida.

Our goal is to provide you with connections to other Malabar residents for many different reasons, which you will find on the site.

We want to be your source of information from the weather to town events and everything in between.

We will also be posting interesting articles that you may find both informative and useful, recipes, handy tips and tricks, videos, as well as a little humor along the way.

Feel free to register so you can add your own information to the site and be sure to bookmark the site so you can come back often to keep up with all the new stuff.

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Refinance Tips

January 7, 2014 TIPS

Not sure if a refinance is a good choice for you? Read on to find out about some of the "right reasons" to refinance your mortgage.
Reason #1: You Want to Pay Off Debt Faster

Do you fantasize about paying off your mortgage? Refinancing could help you pay it off faster - and save you money in the long run, too.

"There are two ways refinancing could help you pay off your debt faster," says Kutner. "The first way is to take a shorter term loan." How? Refinance your 30-year loan to a 20- or 15-year loan. "Your payment might be higher, but you would pay off your mortgage faster with a total cost - after you've paid the loan off - that is much less than you'd have paid if you'd stayed with your original loan."

Kutner also suggests a second way you could pay off your debt faster by

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Town Hall News

January 28, 2013 Town Hall News

Check here for the latest Town of Malabar news.

We will do our best to post the latest information the town council is discussing.

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We will not be discussing the issues on this site, simply bringing you the latest topics. We strongly urge anyone interested in a particular issue to attend the Malabar Town council meetings and speak with your local Malabar councilmen regarding issues that are important to you.

The council greatly appreciates input from the citizens of Malabar. It truly helps and makes a difference when the town folks show up and speak.

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Funny Fishing Video

January 26, 2013 Videos and Humor

Just a bit of fishing humor


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Cranberry Chicken

January 26, 2013 Recipes

This is one that got passed on from a friend of the family and I sure am glad to have it.

It may sound a bit strange but TRUST Me this is fantastic and kids love it.

mix the following.

1 can of cranberry sauce

1 Small bottle of french dressing

1 envelope of french onion soup mix

I prefer using chicken legs but you can use chicken breast if you like.

Lay chicken in shallow baking dish and pour the mixture over the top and then cover and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Cook up egg noodles and spoon the juice over the noodles when it is time to eat.

Give it a try then come back and leave a comment on how you liked it.

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